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YQB 2018 – The project

Québec City Jean Lesage International Airport has major construction planned for the years ahead: the largest expansion and redevelopment project in the history of Aéroport international Jean-Lesage de Québec (YQB).

YQB will invest $277 million on site expansion and, above all, airport development. This unprecedented investment is in keeping with our core value and raison d’être: Passenger First. Designed to meet the highest standards in the airport industry and provide the best possible passenger experience, YQB 2018 consists of over a dozen individual construction projects and a number of IT programs. The YQB 2018 project objectives are as follows:

Double the terminal area


The terminal expansion is the cornerstone of YQB’s transformation. The-new-and-improved facility will feature:

  • More dedicated baggage carousels serving international flights
  • A more user-friendly, better-designed customs area
  • Expanded food court and restaurant areas
  • Four new gates
  • A state-of-the art curbside and loading zone
  • A larger capacity baggage area

Serve our passengers with state-of-the art technology


Passenger experience, a true YQB priority, will be greatly enhanced by integrating new technologies, resulting in a faster, more efficient, and smoother airport experience. Key technological enhancements include the following:

  • Self-serve check-in kiosks
  • Automated baggage drop-off facilities
  • Automated, self-service customs kiosks
  • A new system of electronic kiosks and equipment for airlines
  • Charging stations for smartphones, tablets, etc.
  • Dynamic communications and signage systems (mobile apps, digital signage, etc.)

Upgrade facilities to welcome more passengers


In addition to the terminal expansion, an upgrade of current airport facilities has become necessary to sustain our growth and better serve our passengers. Preparatory work was done in 2014, with further projects slated for completion by 2017. As part of YQB 2018, and to better meet passenger needs, YQB has either planned or already completed the following projects:

  • Open a new multi-level parking facility
  • Create new aircraft parking positions for new gates
  • Bring existing gates up to standard
  • Enlarge the Delta taxiway and build a new Bravo taxiway
  • Replace electronic infrastructure to secure runway lighting and various equipment for aircraft approach
  • Resurface the main runway

2 million passengers a year by 2020

YQB 2018 is more than just a construction project: it is YQB’s plan to meet growing air traffic needs and develop the full range of airport facilities by integrating state-of-the-art technology to make the passenger experience smoother and more pleasant and bring our practices in line with current cutting-edge and future airport operations models.

The project team

Between now and the end of 2018, all YQB employees and partners will be involved, directly or indirectly, in the YQB 2018 project. However, to ensure the effective coordination of all the work involved, a multidisciplinary team of project managers has been set up. The project leader, project director and project managers will work on a daily basis with other project stakeholders on the basis of their respective responsibilities.


Professional corporations

Although YQB is managing the YQB 2018 project in-house, several professional corporations will have a role to play. Each has delegated a representative to work on-site at the airport’s project office.


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